This Side of Paradise [X-Files]

This Side of Paradise
by Jennifer-Oksana and Ryo Sen
Rating: R
Classification: SRH
Summary: A sex change without the surgery– fun with Mulder and Scully.
Disclaimer: 1013 and MFAC, those Masters of the Universe, own X-Files.
Not us.
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The Number of the Beast [X-Files]

Title – The Number of the Beast
Authors – Flywoman, Jennifer-Oksana and Nascent
Rating – PG-13 (language, adult situations)
Category – XH
Spoilers – through Emily
Keywords – Mulder/Scully
Summary – When Mulder and Scully start hearing voices, “just another
X-File” takes on a whole new meaning.
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Think Before You Use *That* Title 2: A Family Affair

Title: Think Before You Use That Title 2: A Family Affair
Authors: Jennifer-Oksana and FirePhile
Spoilers: Up to Red and the Black
Rating: PG-13 for language and naughty themes
Summary: The dinner party from HELL– starring the gang from Think
Before You Use that Title.
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Think Before You Use *That* Title [X-Files]

Think Before You Use *That* Title!
Authors: Jennifer-Oksana and FirePhile
Classification: SHA
Spoilers: Fifth Season
Rating: PG-13 for language and adult themes
Summary: The therapy session from HELL.
Disclaimer: The 1013 Mafia and their surfer don, CC, own X-Files and all its
characters. Dr. Cecilia Vansen and Nancy belong to us, we do this for the love
and not the money. NOTE: If we have unwittingly poached this title from some
other writer, WE’RE SORRY! We didn’t mean it! We’ll clean your house and feed
your dog and watch your children for free, if you’ll only forgive us!
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Ruby Red Desire [X-Files]

Ruby Red Desire
by Jennifer-Oksana
Description: A PG Scully/Skinner piece, V/R/A, spoilers up to Redux, set right
after All Souls.
Summary: Desire is rarely simple and rarely without pitfalls.
Disclaimer: 1013, CC, no sue, no own, all good.
Brief Note: This is the first of a series. Archive away as long as my name and
e-mail addy remain attached.
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Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) 2 [X-Files]

Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) Part 2: Sweet Dreams
Author: The Improper Jennifer-Oksana
Warning/Rating/Description: A peek into Diana Fowley’s fantasy life. It’s
not quite as sick as Spender’s, well, at least not in the way you’re
thinking. Some Mulder/Fowley action, though, and um, a little sympathy. I,
like Alex, have been feeling merciful lately.
Disclaimer: CC and 1013 owned these characters in their original
incarnation; if he still wants to claim them after I’m done, I’ll leave
them in Lost and Found.
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Off-Off-Off Broadway [X-Files]

Off-Off-Off Broadway
by Jennifer-Oksana
Rating: PG-13
Classification: Truly Wrong Songfic. S/R/H, I guess.
Keywords: MSR, slashy undertones, /other longings, a gratuitous character
death, gratuitous misuse of characters for my own pleasure…
Spoilers: Eh, the whole show and movie are fair game here.
Summary: This is the MOTHER of all songfics. Move away from the
vehicle slowly.
Disclaimer: Can you say CC and 1013 own them, boys and girls? I knew
that you could! Archive, sure, fine, name and email attached please.
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